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Calyco are mining and related industry suppliers of wear protection solutions as well as other mining equipment supplies.

Wear Plate Systems, Wear Resistant Liners, Rubber Backed Ceramic Mats, Alumina Ceramic Rollers, Industrial Ceramic Tiles, Cast Basalt Tiles, Standard and Rapid Set Ceramic Tile Adhesives, Epoxy Paste Wear Resistant Compounds and Silicon Carbide are among the Calyco range of wear protection products.

We supply all kinds of wear resistant plates, coatings, linings, materials and products that resist wear, abrasion and provide protection to your equipment.

Our company also offers an extensive range of industrial cyclone mining equipment, supplies and systems widely used in the mining of coal, railway, port, power, iron & steel and cement industries. Calyco custom design and build mining cyclones. We also provide spare parts and components.

Our industry and mining equipment supplies company is also represented in 3 states in Australia, with warehouses in Victoria Queensland and with manufacturing in Western Australia.

Our core business is Wear Protection Product development, sourcing, manufacturing and supply direct to industry and mine sites. Simply provide us with your drawings. Our engineering and draughts people will then develop/draw up specifications for manufacturing and supply. We’ll oversee your requirement from concept to completion.

Local manufacturing provides fast turn around, low lead/shipping times for our clients. This gives our customers the flexibility for forward planning, helping to reduce inventory costs whilst freeing up cash flow.

Calyco Mining, Quarry and Industrial Equipment Supplies is taking a leadership position in the area of environmental protection and Occupational Health and Safety. Specification for Wear Protection products and equipment supplies such as Technical Data and Material Safety Sheets can be supplied on request.

Over the last five years our mining supplies business has been primarily focused on Wear Protection. We manufacture and supply through distribution, Epoxy Abrasion Resistant Coatings, Ceramic/Polyurethane Wear Plates and other made to order PU parts. Combine this with sourcing and related wear protection services for the mining industry and you're sure to experience complete customer satisfaction.

Calyco is justifiably proud of our record for professional service and encourage you to consider buying wear protection products and mining equipment supplies in New Zealand from us.

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Wear Protection products and systems suppliers - Calyco New Zealand Mining, Quarry and Industrial Equipment Supplies.

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